All online! – Alter 1 Fo

All online!  - Alter 1 Fo

Need for Health Crisis, 2021, 32nd edition, 2021 will take place online from 16th to 23rd February. Where to choose: New Orleans and South America. The design turned upside down, but with the privilege of swinging in the evening with podcasts, virtual movie sessions, online conferences, videos, TV rents and Arte. We will stop begging, because creating this in theaters can not live up to this version as a new experience and a way to support cinema with a Claire Observer Association working in a capital C and Renes …

You get a site, an account and a trip!

To attend this edition, you first need:

Travel sessions for you!

Note: All short film competitions mother land Tomas Vengris is free (although the number of links is limited).
All other films are priced the same (4 euros) and most screenings follow a crowd.

Discovering New Orleans: Through Movies

The Louisiana It is the 31st state in the United States and smells of bayou, hurricane, crocodiles and crab. Clichs? Without a doubt… So the cinema has to drink (or not) to restructure everything that remains.

Bayes and climate change will be discussed Wild South Animals, The film that opens the festival on Tuesday, February 16 at 8:30 p.m. Spotlight at New Orleans Colorful Festival with documentary Black Indians. There are a lot of expelled people in Louisiana, the abandoned people heroes of the American dream The Other Side. Come on, scare me! Between the swamps and the crocodiles, we re-enact the Chainsaw massacre Death crocodile.

Louisiana extends south of the United States. And all its faults. Splitting is like the classic approach in B&W Infiltrate Or inside Mississippi is burning. Or the mad and evangelical preachers of religion Violent.

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Discovering New Orleans: Through Meetings and Conferences

On the show of Urba meetings[ciné], Enough to know about everything:

Louisiana’s own fantasy : Demons, vampires, swamps, the city of the dead … Ghosts of New Orleans and Louisiana – Masks, Ruins, and Horror – Thursday, February 18 at 6.15pm.

Dream Very representative and spontaneously remembered. But why Series Do they give New Orleans the pride of place? Ervan Godoret will tell you everything on Friday, February 19 at 2:30 p.m. New Orleans in the series – a primary “dream” series.

A point to learn more about this Southern State of the United States ? It will be done during the meeting History of Louisiana and New Orleans Thanks to Cecil Vidal on Friday 19th February at 6.15pm.

Very serious conference on Beyonc ? No, you are not dreaming. Emmanuel’s parents will tell you everything Beyonc,, or the complex of the Old South Saturday, February 20 at 11 p.m.

Letters and cinema in the south of America are very inspiring to men. Southern Gothic Literature ? Benjamin Griff, of Colmester Editions, in association with Franco-American, will talk to us about this on Saturday the 20th at 2:30 p.m.

These meetings will be held at:
> Live: Claire Observer Website + YouTube channel, chaîne Twitch, Facebook And Iyer of Rennes University
> Delay: Claire Observer website + YouTube channel and Rennes 2 University’s Iyer d.

A site rich in exhibitions, podcasts and resources

Do not hesitate to explore the Traveling 2021 site. Lots of things to see and hear!

Three Virtual exhibitions Available: Comic around with Moonshine de Brianacarillo and Eduardo Risso (Franco-American Institute – Rennes), with photo Beads and Brick Dust de Alexa Brunet (Le Car de Art – Chartres de Bretagne) and Alain Keller’s Juke Joint Blues (House of Associations – Rennes).

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A Presentation of New Orleans and its deep south Maxim Lachad, a French journalist who specializes in Gothic, art and literature from the south of the United States.

Series of podcasts New Orleans saw … Allow yourself to discover the metropolis off the coast of Mississippi.

Playlist and clips provided I am from Rens, Reclips And this DJ Julian Dine Specially designed for the festival

Festival Tour 2021
February 16 to 23, 2021
Program in PDF:

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