The US Supreme Court authorizes the extradition of Carlos Goshen’s allies to Japan

La Cour suprême américaine autorise l'extradition au Japon des complices présumés de Carlos Ghosn

Supreme Court Judge Stephen Fryer dismissed an appeal by Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor to overturn a U.S. federal judge’s decision.

The latter, Indira Talwani, argued that the arguments put forward by Michael and Peter Taylor in January were accordingly subject to conditions close to torture in Japanese prisons, which was not sufficient to defame from this agreement. .

He also outlined that their alleged actions were a crime in the United States and Japan.

This judicial decision was upheld on appeal last Thursday.

Both were arrested in May 2020 after Tokyo issued an arrest warrant for them.

Michael and Peter Taylor, as well as Lebanese George-Antoine Sayek, left the country on December 29, 2019, accusing Japan of helping Carlos Cosin to escape justice.

Peter Taylor was arrested in Boston while trying to flee the United States to Lebanon, where the former Renault-Nissan boss sought refuge, with no extradition treaty with Japan.

With his father, Michael, a former member of the U.S. Special Forces, they have been transferred to private security, where they are currently being held because they pose a “great danger to the plane.”

According to U.S. court documents, the trio allegedly hid Carlos Gosse in a large slush fund, which looked like a musical instrument, and then they boarded a private jet, which at the time had no control luggage for these types of devices.

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