How to charge free fire gems for free and download them via mobile and computer

How to charge free fire gems for free and download them via mobile and computer

In recent times many players are constantly looking for a way to charge free fire jewelry for free and quickly, especially after this game has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world, with downloads increasing and demanding free or credit. , And was able to reach the downloads of this game in just 3 years, on smartphones, registration numbers, and in the last period, won the award for the most popular game voted from the Google Play Store, and earned more than a billion dollars to its manufacturer, so we have the best ways to send free fire jewelry for free We publish.

Highlights of the free fire

Free Fire is a battle royal game from a third party point of view, and it has an environment with up to 50 players landing simultaneously in this space in search of resources and weapons to kill enemies. To reach the first level by staying as alive as possible, it is divided into three basic levels (Classic or Regular – Clash Squad mode, in which the player is directly converted into a miniature battlefield between two teams of 4 players. – In Crush Hour mode, the player moves to an airplane with 22 players, And the fight is connected.when moving away from the danger zone).

Free fire jewelry
Free shipping free fire stones and how to download them

Method of collecting free fire stones

For Method of collecting free fire stones Free and easy way, you can do it by following these steps:

  • Select the Payment Methods option from your account in your phone’s download store.
  • Use the SIM Card Communication Bill option
  • Free fire diamonds are shipped according to the numbers you want.
  • The subtraction is done through your phone balance by selecting the number of gems.
  • Or recharge free fire gems via ID.
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Free Shipping 2021 Gems Free .. and Steps to Download New Version for Free
Free fire game

How To Download Free Fire

As for how to download, you can download the free fire game through the official Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple Store for iPhone phones, and then follow the rest of the basic installation instructions. To download a game on a computer, it requires different tasks and very difficult steps, especially if the computer on which you want to download the game has several specifications (the operating system is Windows 7 or higher – with Intel or AMD processor – its RAM is not less than 2GB – less than GPU). Having free space on the hard drive), with the need to download the installer for the game such as LD Player, the download and installation process is provided by the LD Store or Google Play.

And get diamond free fire through websites

Free Fire Stones can also be obtained by logging in through various authorized electronic shipping sites, including the Gift Rebellion Site, and you must enter your full data according to your country, which will meet your criteria to earn surveys and points for many more tasks, then various rewards, prizes and more Used to obtain gems, the money is also given according to the data of your country where you registered.

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