The Real star reveals the best current player in his eyes, LeBron nodded!

The Real star reveals the best current player in his eyes, LeBron nodded!

This has been the case for many years: Football players are increasingly interested in the NBA. This Friday, one of the stars of Real Madrid was named the best current player in his view. This is money.

Here are three names of football stars who have not hidden their interest in the NBA: Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba or Neymar. Increasingly deep collaboration, which leads many footballers to take a very close interest in basketball … sometimes expressing their opinion.

As Joel Empiat Some time ago he took a stand by calling Kevin de Bruyne the best midfielder in the world, making it clear that Real Madrid player Tony Cruise is now the boss in the NBA.

So who set his vision for German? LeBron James ? Kevin Torrent? Giannis Antetoga ounpo? None of these 3 names! The answer is below:

Steff Curry is the best player in the NBA. Point menu.

We know someone who was inspired by the current bright form Step curry. Yesterday, the Warriors Point Guard again drove like a superstar, equally A beautiful incredible 57 year old record Wild Chamberlain.

Unable to play this time, Splash Pro can be seen crawling his name in MVP racing if he keeps pulling his tops up. Anyway, even without it, his return to the forefront is interesting and should be welcomed a year later from the courts.

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The blessing of Tony Cruise is on Steff Curry, who has never seen better in the league than him. A good compliment, a chef at the junction for some time.

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