Student of the German School of Conception received a national mark in mathematics | Special

Student of the German School of Conception received a national mark in mathematics |  Special

Francesca Munoz Rickelm, A young resident of San Pedro de la Pass and finishing his time with an average of 7 at the German School of Conception, is one of the national scores left behind in the 2021 Intermediate Test (PDT) in Mathematical Components.

“I expect this a little bit because I have always excelled in math I left the feeling that I had done well. I was still surprised and happy, but it’s not so surprising, “he told Biopios.

With this decision, the young woman will now apply Engineering in Mathematics at Pontifical Catholic University. She has an option for Microsoft azure certification too.

“My dad is an engineer, but I don’t want to copy him. I have always loved science, robots, automationThis is one of my favorite things, a feeling, ”he explained.

Regarding the experience of having to finish high school in extraordinary circumstances due to an epidemic, Munoz Rickelm acknowledged that the beginning was “complicated”, but it Finally managed to suit online education, Especially due to his pre-university activities (Point Pedro de Voltivia).

In which, the young woman Cited the support of two authors, To whom he dedicated this achievement.

“To the math teacher Oscar Mansolve, I can send him doubts at any time, and he will clarify them for me; And to a pre-university professor of chemistry Erwin Bertin For that, ”he said.

“They both helped me a lot because they clarified my doubts and made the distance learning process easier for me. I would not have created it if it were not for them. I think I will enter the life I want for them, ”he added.

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Due to his economic situation, Munoz Rickelm Crochet is inaccessible, An advantage, in his case, he feels that another person can get more out of it.

As for the form of access to the University of Chile, the young woman is very important, and although she and her family are “happy” at school, she believes this is a good decision. “What happens in an hour or two” does not define her as a person.

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