Michael Obama stars in the children’s cooking series

Michael Obama stars in the children's cooking series

Michael Obama stars in the Children's Cooking Show (AP)

Michael Obama stars in a children’s cooking show | Andhra

Entitled “Waffles and Mochi”, the new show starring the former First Lady of the United States will promote the values ​​of good nutrition for children and will soon be on the Netflix site.

Michael Obama On this occasion, he will release a new Netflix family series on March 16th and will have a supermarket in Cofrey + Mochi.

This is new Family series The site was developed in association with Higher Ground Productions, a production company founded by Barack and Michael Obama.

He thus proposes to invite children and adults to cook together at home, discover the secrets of food and connect with cultures from different corners of the world.

Waffle + Mochi It tells of the adventures of two best friends who share the same dream of becoming chefs, however, all they know and cook is an ice cream, until they become employees of a supermarket, until their best culinary adventure begins.

Throughout their incredible gastronomic journey, they will benefit from the help of supermarket owner Mrs. Obama, who will serve as a flying magician, mentor and collaborator with renowned chefs, home cooks, children and celebrities.

I am so excited to be a part of this fun, heart-wrenching and magical series. I wish my daughters had been Cofre + Mochi when they were little, it’s a great series to watch as a family, and it gives parents peace of mind that their little ones are also learning something, ”says the former Premier American woman.

In fact, Michael Obama saw this series as an extension of the work she began as the first woman to improve the health of children in many ways.

We know everyone loves a great meal and a great story, and that’s what our brave heroes bring: both the ability to discover the potential of potatoes or pickles and the art of picking up broken eggs, ”he said.

He notes that the characters will be involved in their behind-the-scenes work with the “Partnership for a Healthy America” ​​to encourage children to develop healthy habits and to help families access new foods to cook together.

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The series stars Michael Obama, Michael Zamora (Cofrey), Russ Walco (Mochi and Intercom), Jonathan Guiter (Jumpon), Diona Ellis Burnett (voices of Steve La Moba and Magicarov), Dalea Gilliam (Balta), Andy Howard, Michael (Voice of Mochi) and George Connor (Voice of Intercom) surround the team, he was formed by Erica Thormahlan and Jeremy Connor.

As you may recall, Michael Obama launched his campaign in 2009 to improve the health of teenagers, asking dozens of children to help parents create “healthy, varied and rich” foods that are “the only way” to control the course of obesity. In three children in the country.

On the other hand, as the first lady Michael Lavagan Robinson Obama, Obama served as a role model for women and advocated for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating.

Also, to elevate it, she supported American designers and was considered a fashion icon.

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Other initiatives of the First Lady include advocating for military families, helping women and families to work, promoting national service and improving health, the arts and education.

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