Thunderbolt after Tom Holland’s final statements about the film

Thunderbolt after Tom Holland's final statements about the film

In a recent interview, Tom Holland, the latest incarnation of Spider-Man, released new reports about it Spider-Man 3. A real thunderbolt for those eagerly waiting for the film.

Isn’t Tobe?

Some fans, however, are stunned Avengers: Infinite War And Avengers: Endcom, Predicts MCU weakness Phase 4 came to prove them wrong in many of its promises, including the development of multiverses. Series Vandavision, Currently airing on Disney +, immersed both legs in its highly successful fifth episode. And The remaining phase 4 should continue at this speed, With series Loki And movies Doctor is weird in Mad Multiverse And Spider-Man 3.

This last film is also at the center of expectations, and inspires a lot. Over the months, many rumors and announcements have made this film An event. Visit at MCU Jamie Foxx (Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker inside Wonderful spider man), Kirsten Dunst (MJ in the trilogy of Sam Rimi) andAlfred Molina (Dr. Octopus Spider-Man 2) Gives this Spider-Man 3 Holy Grail Tunes for fans of Spider-Man movie adventures.

However, Tom Holland’s last statement as Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the American media Esquire Come stop the excitement of the fans, And a real thunder. In fact, of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the 24-year-old actor said:

No, no, they do not appear in the picture. If the most important information is not hidden from me, it seems to me to be too much information to hold back. But this time, no. This will be a sequel to the Spider-Man movies we made.

You understand that, Tom Holland vehemently denies the arrival of previous incarnations of Spider-Man Continually Spider-Man: Far away from home.

But can we really borrow from Tom Holland’s claims? There is the question of. It is recalled that Andrew Garfield’s visit appeared in the columns Conflict. An American media with low credibility, In the appearance of many expressions that have proven to be correct. Other incomes, such as Alfred Molina, have been confirmed The Hollywood Reporter, Another great tip for serious news hunters.

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We remember that too Dr. Strange will be there too, And will serve as a new mentor to young Peter Parker, who is still grieving the disappearance of Tony Stark. Of course, Visit of the Mastic of the Mystical Arts in Spider-Man 3 Should be related to the use of multiverses, Undoubtedly the arrival of ancient incarnations of Spider-Man and his former enemies.

Finally, notice it This is not the first time Tom Holland has talked about his predecessors being in Spider-Man costumes.. He recently expressed optimism Variety. Obviously, we are very attentive to all the information related to this Spider-Man 3, And we will post you as it reveals something about the highly anticipated MCU movie.

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