The Golden Age of Quarterback in Tom Brady and the NFL

Un joueur en blanc tente de stopper un adversaire.

When you look at leaders in the NFL quarterbacks, you see youngsters like Brady, Drew Breece (42), Aaron Rodgers (37) or Mahomes (25), Josh Allen (24) and Deshane Watson (25).

Oddly enough, the quarterbacks, who were supposed to be at their peak in the early 30s, are a backdrop. We think of Russell Wilson (32), Matthew Stafford (33), Kirk Cousins ​​(33) or Ryan Danehill (32).

During the 2020 season, 11 players aged 38 or older wore NFL uniforms. Five played in the quarterbacks, four of whom were starters.

In addition to Brady and Breeze, Philip Rivers and Ben Rothlisberger also carried out attacks after their 38th birthday.

Brady has already announced his arrival and reverse, his retirement. Breeze and Rothlisberger are expected to announce their plans soon.

10-year-old players in the NFL in 2020:

  • Tom Brady: 43, Quarterback, Buchananers
  • Drew Breeze: 42 Ans, Quart, Saints
  • Louis-Philippe Ludosur: 39 years old, long discount expert, cowboys
  • Matt Scope: 39, Reserveist Quarterback, Falcons
  • Don Mulbach: 39, long discount expert, Lions
  • Andrew Whitworth: 39, Tackle, Rams
  • Philip Rivers: 38 Answer, Quart, Golds
  • Ben Rothlisberger: 38 Ann, Quart, Steelers
  • Andy Lee: 38, kicker, cardinals
  • Sam Koch: 38, kicker, Ravens

Anthony Calvillo is well placed to evaluate the hard work it takes to play at a much higher level than average.

At age 40, he crossed the ball with Alutez over 5,000 yards, forcing him to retire from a concussion until next season.

He especially appreciates what quarterbacks like Brady or Breeze can achieve.

It takes exceptional austerity to do what they do every year, he said.

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Nutrition, training and engagement

There are similarities to the journeys of Calvillo and Brady. Both have made significant changes to take their lifestyle to a different level.

Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer and business partner, took him to a rigorous training and nutrition system.

Brady describes his diet in a book published in 2017, Tuberculosis system.

About 80% of its diet consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. The other 20% comes from lean meats, fish and seafood.

Although this is not everyone’s opinion, he does not consider it particularly restricted.

Thus, Brady avoids dairy products, oils, gluten and GMOs. It stays away from added sugars, trans fats, iodized salt, alcohol and caffeine.

Who is that Buchanan’s quarterback It hurts everywhere At 25, he now talks about playing until 45.

According to Calvillo, the change came at the age of 36.

Alloutes lost the Gray Cup game for the fifth time, and he wondered what he could do to break down that invisible wall.

I felt physically fine, but I remember a photo I saw of me taking off my sweater. I could see my stomach. I told myself I had to do something if I wanted to be my best. Yet until then I believed I was doing enough.

Quarterback, who has been accustomed to making his own since joining the pros, decided to call in training and nutritionists. He also called a sports psychologist.

All types of physical tests revealed that Calvillo was intolerant or sensitive to gluten, sugar and dairy products. By removing them from his diet, the California native realized the arrival of the energy that would give him a second life.

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If the diet was a turning point, the number 13 increased the pace of his workouts, which became shorter, but more intense and occurred more frequently.

Alloutes has won two Gray Trophies since 2008, and Calvillo played four extra seasons, where he crossed the 20,000-yard line and became the most prolific quarterback in professional football.

This year, Calvillo was defeated by Drew Breeze.

Tom Brady needed 608 yards behind the AC and 1,155 yards to get past the Breeze.

If the trend continues, Brady is expected to add another record to his rankings by next October.

Long live the elderly!

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