A cola in Australia causes a pile! – Lark

A cola in Australia causes a pile!  - Lark

Just before 7am on Monday, February 8, a motorist was stopped in the middle of a busy Southeastern freeway in Australia. Problem: A cola crosses several paths. As he tried to help the animal escape, cars reportedly collided with his parked vehicle The Guardian.

Six vehicles were involved in the crash, and traffic was halted during the emergency. Trapped motorist Nadia Duckwell gets out of her car and watches Cola sneak out. “I saw a woman running behind him and she was trying to catch him with a blanket,” he told the media.

Driving a cola

In a few minutes, the two women catch the animal and place it on Nadia Duckwell’s trunk. The latter contacts a specialized association and waits for rescuers at a service station.

Meanwhile, the Cola set out to tour the interior of the car after disassembling itself from the trunk. “I was sitting on the driver’s side and felt a tap on my shoulder. To slip between the headrest and the window, Cola just came and tried to position himself in my place,” the rescuer explains. To the ABC channel.

A photo of this cola in the driver’s seat is on the internet. The association then took care of him and released him into the forest.

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