Bad news for Henry Cavillin Superman fans

Henry Cavill - Superman

Should Henry Caves wear Superman tights again one day and put his underwear on top of his outfit? For an actor who has multiplied iconic roles in recent years, nothing less. If he is careful not to actually deny the rumors for some time (after all, we will never be safe from a good surprise with a great director), he will have to wait above all else and see what happens. Snyder Cut from the Justice League. Can this new version of the film really restart DC Comics? Must see it. But in the meantime, he is not involved, which has consequences.

Henry Cave will not be in Shasham 2!

In the shadow of Justice League Bigwigs, the character of Shazam, played by Zachary Levy, earned the right to an honest first film. Funny, successful … without much ambition and far from the rest of the DC Comics films, it has created a small space at the box office without breaking the bank. At the end of the film, we saw Superman on screen. But, it’s not really Superman. This is a genius taken from Henry Cavill. The two characters connected in the comics, this little blink of an eye delighted the fans and also raised the hopes of seeing Henry Cavill, in the flesh, in the movie Shajam. The wrath of the gods. You can also checkout David Harbour movies and tv shows

But, American Magazine Variety The film has showered the confidence of the audience. Henry Cave will not reconsider his role in the second film. It remains to be seen whether it wants to turn the page on script, table selection or Superman and DC Comics. If so, this would not be good news for Warner Bros., he wants to draw a line on another iconic actor. This is not a way to put pressure on the man of steel to finally bring the right of continuity. After all, we have the right to dream.

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