To blame Trump, Democrats will read their best card: “Every American should know”

Pour destituer Trump, les démocrates vont jouer leur meilleure carte: "Chaque Américain devrait être au courant"

The second indictment against Donald Trump is set to open before the Senate on Tuesday, February 9th. The Democrats led the attack on the Capitol on January 6, when the former US president had to respond to his actions. His opponents are adamant that if the millionaire refuses to testify at trial and decides on the empty chair strategy, the former head of state should be held accountable for the uprising that shocked the United States. “The story of the president’s actions is fascinating and brutal,” Democrat Jamie Ruskin, who is acting as a lawyer at the trial, told The New York Times. “We hope every American knows what happened – he must be condemned and blamed for ensuring that such an attack on our democracy and our Constitution never happens again.”

But the task promises to be complex. To remove Trump, 17 Republicans must join Democrats in voting against the former White House tenant. But lawyers want to put contradictions in their favor. Not wanting to make the same mistakes they made in the first indictment process – even Democrats were somewhat judgmental and repetitive – they decided to use videos for investigations. The footage, which depicts the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, was put together by Jamie Raskin’s crew. They capture moments of amateur-filmed attack, speeches by former presidents or even comments made by supporters who took part in the uprising.

“This is not just a day”

“Even if the senators themselves have testified to the abuses, it is important to tell the whole story,” Attorney General Adam B. Trump said during Trump’s first indictment. Schiff said. ‘This is not a day, it is the misconduct of the President who used his position to interfere in the peaceful transfer of power. ”

Even before the November election, Donald Trump had promised not to accept his defeat. Calling the election “bad”, he denied Joe Biden’s victory and called on his supporters not to accept the results. The former White House tenant has created an atmosphere of distrust of the democratic process.

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