School Year 2021: Mathematics, Language and English are taught in the classroom

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The system of school forms is currently a headache for education officials, before the next one Classes start March 1st.

The design of the high school program poses the biggest problem due to the diversity of provincial institutions.

In Cர்டrdoba, like the whole country, no School Another, or the number of students, teachers and other educational agents, or in terms of infrastructure and material conditions and resources.

Therefore, arranging mixed education (face-to-face and virtual) is already a reality, for example, in a large school like Alejandro Corby, with more than a thousand students, about 40 sections and a historic building, not a school in a city with six sections .

In addition, there are classrooms with 50 students (which will force the curriculum to be divided into three groups to guarantee the required social distance), with others having 10 or 12 students.

At the last minute on Friday, the general guidelines were finalized and although nothing has been closed or officially communicated, it is known that each company uses the guidelines according to its own reality and context.

If so, the definitions will be school wise and city within province. Management teams are responsible for creating the optimal application for their organization.

There are 855 intermediate education units in the province of Crdoba, of which 453 are under state administration. About 330,000 students (195,000 in government schools) attend, and 59,000 teachers work at this level (39,000 in state administration).

Tomorrow, the Ministry of Education will begin to socialize these jobs, whose draft had access The voice. Excludes providing Department of Education details.

What will be the form

What will the secondary format look like? No longer any doubt, this would be double the oriented cycle: that is, four hours a day in person and the rest at a distance.

For technical schools, only the four-hour face-to-face format and virtual and face-to-face exercises for homework are discussed.

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The biggest controversy over the techniques relates to practical matters, which, in principle, are not dictated in the traditional way, because it involves close contact in the workshop and the use of common components that are difficult to disinfect every time. Class.

In all cases (Oriented and Technical), three structured subjects were predicted that would maintain their original, complete and direct workload: Mathematics, Language and English.

With the rest of the lessons we will act on an area basis; For example, there will be a branch for the social sciences (history, geography and training for life and work), the natural sciences (chemistry, physics and biology) and, although it is not yet clear.

There will be face-to-face time for all subjects.

As for the work of the parts, the general planning and summary of the regular contact times in front of the student is predicted. Groups rotate weekly, though always in the same shift (if the table is in the morning, for example, the balance and virtual are always activated at that time).

An example: History “A” group face-to-face and next week’s “B” group virtual. In parallel, the geography teacher will give distance education to the “A” group in the first week and to the “B” group in person. Until yesterday, the final project was not ready, but it was designed in this sense.

Working in each area to integrate knowledge has always been an attractive goal, but the experiences tried in recent years have not been fruitful.

If this point is reached, it is a positive legacy to return to normal.

Technicians, on the other hand, who work in the field of design, believe that this reserve will dictate the work of teachers who made their working hours last year more flexible, working longer hours, and getting questions answered on weekends or at night. Time.

The system is not easy and, in addition, many teachers have to admit that they have teaching time in more than one institution.

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Inevitably, the work of the selected form teachers will move at least in the format that existed during the employment contract of tomorrow.

In other words, the teacher, who is accustomed to two hours of language on Mondays and three hours on Wednesdays, may have to move the days, however, in this case, it will always be face-to-face as it is considered a hub.

The fact that no one is willing to give up this year means copying a job for the same pay.

Returning to the maintenance classroom will follow the required protocols. (Télam)

Guaranteed protection

The Ministry of Education has not yet confirmed the change in posts and teaching hours. Last year there were no coverage and there were no teachers throughout the year. One of the most important is the inclusion of hourly English, which is now centered and one hundred percent face-to-face. Through this, schools hope to guarantee the teachers needed in the classroom.

In the case of technical schools where only face-to-face education is available, virtual trainings are offered once a week at previously agreed times.

The number of exercises will correspond to the number of groups set up according to the reality of each school. Children who do not have a connection at home can use the school facilities at that time.

A new educational reality

Schools that do not yet have definitions in the form are concerned with having details on who will be guaranteed compliance with the protocol for returning to classrooms: who will control the entrance, take the temperature, monitor the bathrooms, attend breaks, and activities.

Teachers rejoin the classroom on the 17th, at which time their annual leave ends. However, directors of many schools are already in the process of reuniting students, while others will be convened this week to begin organizing the year.

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Meanwhile, there are two phases of testing. Return on the last Wednesday of the group of students who were expelled from school the previous year, and return on the 19th for the final year courses of each level. It will be a year of change, very energetic, there will be nothing linear or general. Not all programs serve all schools.

For now, there are many doubts. How will the status of sick teachers be covered up and employment contracts reached? How can the movement of teachers in the interior be solved by transport with reduced frequencies? How do you work with students with integrated disabilities in regular schools? Those, and other questions, are still unanswered.

What is certain is that many fear that a new educational reality will be born this year, where the quality and quantity of learning will be damaged. It will work with priority contents like 2020, not with the full program.

In addition, the idea of ​​changes in the way students are evaluated is circulating; That is, try new forms that set aside numerical qualifications. Must see everything.

Personal reality. Based on official orders, most schools plan to return to the classroom, but modify them according to their specific facts.

There are large classrooms and schools with some students, others with small classrooms and many students. Each institution will define the way in which classes are taught in accordance with officially defined health protocols. Likewise, everyone will follow a mixed plan of face-to-face and distance classes.

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