No conflict, but “intense competition”: Biden announces lawsuit against China

Pas de conflit mais une "compétition extrême": Biden annonce la couleur face à la Chine

The US president explained that he had not yet spoken to his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping, but clarified that “there is no reason not to call him.”

“He’s very tough, he’s not doing that, I’m not saying this is a critique, it’s true, he’s not an ounce of democracy,” added Joe Biden, according to excerpts from CBS ‘Channel of the Interview, which will air this afternoon.

China is unanimously considered the number one strategic adversary of the United States in Washington, and their main challenge in the international arena.

However, the new US president was very vague on the matter during his first foreign policy speech on Thursday. “In the face of advancing dictatorship, especially in the face of China’s growing aspirations,” he promised. He worked with Beijing “while in the best interests of the United States”, noting that “combating China’s economic abuses” and its “acts of aggression” and defending human rights.

Joe Biden, who urged CBS to say more about his intentions, said “I want to focus on international rules.” “I’m not going to handle this like Trump,” he hit. “We should not have a confrontation, but there will be a fierce rivalry,” he added, adding that as vice president of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017, 24-25 hours, he insisted on knowing Xi Jinping “enough”. Personal interviews with him “.

Conflicts between the two countries A new Cold War emerged under the leadership of Donald Trump, despite the ambiguity of the latter, who initially focused his attacks on the trade front, while later showing his “friendship” for Xi Jinping, behind Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo’s hard line before marching.

The Chinese president warned against a “new Cold War” at the end of January that would lead him to a “dead end”.

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