Accurate Super Bowl prediction, Simpsons performed better

Accurate Super Bowl prediction, Simpsons performed better

Accurate Super Bowl prediction The Simpsons were correct (INSTAGRAM)

Accurate Super Bowl prediction, The Simpsons are correct | Instagram

The Simpsons has delighted American, Latin American and almost global audiences for over 30 years, and surprisingly their predictions, some are very accurate and others are not so high, the funny part is that even in games like the famous Super Bowl, it is not left out

Iconic animated series, “The Simpsons” He has delighted international audiences for over 30 years, and his predictions about politics, society and sports will amaze his millions of viewers around the world, and when the dates and event kick off, we decided to remember it. Some of the things that first appeared in the world of yellow characters, then happened in the last Super Bowl shows.

Through some episodes of The Simpsons, we have seen storylines that may seem impossible at first glance, and that will change over the years. RealizedFrom the presidency of the former President of the United States to the Blake of the Assassin’s Creed, as well as the chapters in which the writers predicted the facts about the Super Bowl, we will discuss next.

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Since the Tampa Bay and Kansas leaders will clash in a few hours, we consider this Sunday, February 7, at Super Bowl 55, to be the best opportunity to remember the predictions made by the authors of these cartoons. An event.

The first example is the chapter on “Lisa’s Predictions” from 1992, where Homer and Margin’s eldest daughter have found a way to predict who will win games in the NFL, which her father uses to overcome challenges.

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In this episode, the Washington Redskins (now the Washington football team) announce that they will win the Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills, three days after the episode aired. Prediction It happened.

Following that, on January 31, 1999, the episode “Domingo, the Terrible Domingo” aired, where Homer and his friends travel to Miami for the Super Bowl, as they did last year’s game, and in the episode we see one of the teams wearing a red uniform, in the colors of a San Francisco 49, Was one of the teams that played the game.

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However, although they did not reach the conclusion because the winners were Kansas City leaders, fans thought their prediction that 49 players would play in the most important game of the season in Miami was correct.

But, undoubtedly the most surprising prediction, and one of the most talked about to date, is the Super Bowl half-time show, which all takes place in the episode “Lisa and Lady Gaga” released in 2012, where the artist, who was not so popular at the time, was in charge of the show.

Precisely five years later, the talented and beloved Lady Gaga appeared at the event and part of the show coincided with the series’ prediction, as if it were flying in the air, as cartoon images showed.

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