What is happening in South America?

What is happening in South America?
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Magnetic field
The Earth’s magnetic field has a weak point, which is located in South America and the South Atlantic Ocean.

In early 2016, many astronauts in Japan observed their precious satellite launched 5 weeks ago It goes out of hand. They expected the spacecraft to observe black holes, galaxies, and other high-energy features, but as a series of events, the spacecraft began to encounter magnetic field irregularities in the South Atlantic. Loss of plan.

The Earth’s magnetic field has a weak point It is located in South America and the South Atlantic Ocean. This area is known as the South Atlantic Disorder, and although it has no effect on the population, This brings a severe headache to space science. When a satellite passes through this magnetic anomaly, it is bombed Very intense radiation Nowhere else in orbit. There are reasons to believe that this violation is magnifying in the Earth’s magnetic field.

According to the Japanese Hitomi spacecraft, the satellite’s orbiting system failed to orbit a new galaxy as it passed through anomaly. The maneuver provoked a series of problems. The satellite was broken into 11 pieces.

Many satellites orbiting close to the Earth have to go through anomaly several times a week. The Hubble Space Telescope is estimated to spend 15% of its life in the region, When that happens, it usually shuts off its light-sensitive cameras to avoid damage. Some tools, such as NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer, deactivate electrical components at each pass.

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Predicting changes in the magnetic field remains a challenge, and predicting its evolution is not possible beyond the future. This is why scientists continue to investigate how the Earth’s magnetic field changes. Without knowledge of the magnetic field, Tools that lose satellites and rely on careful magnetic models for navigation can give false information When looking at one of these contradictions.

Growing disorder

Researchers discovered the South Atlantic anomaly in 1958 They believe the satellites first existed in the early 19th century or earlier, when they first began measuring radiation in space. Now the area is well known and featured prominently on most models, and the real debate revolves around what it will do in the future.

The South Atlantic anomaly moves westward (approximately 1 ° longitude every 5 years) and slightly north. More time, The disorder target will pass through Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. According to information published in EOS magazine.

The predictions of NASA scientist Vegia Kwang and Professor Andrew Tangborn of the University of Maryland in Baltimore County are not only moving westward, but The disorder is growing. In five years, the area below the field strength of 24,000 nanotestles (half of the normal magnetic field) will increase by approximately 10% from 2019 values.

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Fortunately, this does not harm surface life, Guang said. “But if it continues to weaken over time, it will eventually affect us.” The hole in our field will expose us to high energy particles that can tear energy phases and remove protective gases from our atmosphere.

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