This Saturday, the famous Chilean mountaineer Juan Pablo Mohr, Was reported missing with his comrades in the middle of his journey via K2, one of the tallest, most intense and dangerous mountains in the world.

The Brand The North Face team, which sponsored Mohr, confirmed the tragic news between China and Pakistan in a speech posted on their social networking sites. “Severe cold led to the disabling of communication devices, preventing any contact with them”.

When the alarms go off, The Pakistani army tirelessly searched for its men to search for these climbers Those who have not been in contact for more than 40 hours.

However, after climbing more than seven thousand meters without news from Mohr and his comrades, they had to Stop the search due to strong winds and extreme cold of the place.

A few weeks ago, one of Juan Pablo Mohr’s comrades was a Spanish mountaineer Sergei Mingot, Died on the same K2 trip due to a severe fall. This is why interest in the mountaineering world has been established and they are constantly waiting for positive news about where these mountaineers are.

This Sunday morning, at dawn in Pakistani lands, the search for the rescued will resume.