Picture of the day: The Green Book, On the Roads of the South

Picture of the day: The Green Book, On the Roads of the South
Broadcast on February 2 at 9:05 pm on February 2

The story is taken from a true reality. In the 1960s, Don Shirley, a prominent black American jazz pianist, performed on the streets of separatist South. But on his journey, he must strictly follow the places listed in the Green Book, where African Americans tolerate eating and sleeping, constantly reminding Tony Lip of the shame of not being born white as his driver. It is of Italian descent.

Paradoxically, it was during the filming alone that Peter Forrelli (Bobby’s brother, made retrospective jokes with him) Dumb and dumb And Mary at all costs) Digs further into the cinema of the duality of the brothers. Because his road trip is tough with humor and the racial reality he represents. An excuse to say something else: the friendship of two people who seem to oppose everything, and who bring everything together. The social habits they develop, starting with an intense isolation dominated by their genes. If Tony and Dan Shirley (impeccable Mortenson and Mahershala Ali) are socially polar (in the subtle reverse power balance of being the boss of black and white), physically (someone like Laurel and Hardy is black, sleek, slim and stuck, the other is white, belly and Without habits) and culturally (Dan Shirley is a musician, gay, white elite, Tony, uneducated and racist) they are no less men (appearing on both sides of the same coin, we see duality) and there are good things to enjoy together.

This is the obviously simple message that Peter Forrelli wants to share with us. But beyond the smiles born of the continual conflicts of their differences, even beyond the anti-racist plea, the two of these wonderful scenes will touch the most enduring hearts as they learn to find and soften each other.

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