MLP: Elvis Andrews goes into athletics, Chris Davis trades for Rangers

MLP: Elvis Andrews goes into athletics, Chris Davis trades for Rangers

Chris Davis and Elvis Andrews will have the opportunity to breathe new life into their lives after a tough last campaign.

The Athlete’s Ken Rosenthal said Saturday that Texas Rangers received Davis ‘hands by handing over Andres’ services to the Oakland Athletics.

The latter played with the Texan team for the first 12 seasons of his career. The 32-year-old shortstop recorded the lowest batting average in 29 games last season.194. He made only seven runs and scored three home runs. For the 2019 campaign, Andres had scored 72 points.

As he joins the Toronto Blue Jays teams, he will replace Marcus Semian at the crossroads.

Davis, for his part, has spent the last five seasons in athletic uniform. After creating 102, 110, 123 and 73 points, he was restricted to 30 games and 10 Reserve Banks last season.

The outfielder also wore Milwaukee Brewers colors early in his career.

The A’s also get their hands on receiver David Garcia and cash compensation. Rangers receiver Jonah Heim and pitcher Dana Acker also receive.

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