The ecstatic manifestation of Maws ’setbacks

check entre Luka Doncic et Kristaps Porzingis

The difficulties Mavericks faced at the start of the season should not be underestimated Players, Not to the fans, or to the racers… but to another owner, every failure is welcomed with a big smile, and for a very simple reason.

Before the start of the season, the Mavericks were seen as one of the teams to watch. Luca Doncic Already a superstar, but had to go one step further and find himself in the fight for the MVP title, Christophe had shown good things before he was injured in the Porchis bubble, and the workers were solid overall.

But in third place this season, the results were not good. Unimaginable failure after the promises shown in the bubble.

But there is a team in the league that excites every loss to Maverick, some of whom are now. In fact, if Dallas continues to sink into the rankings it has everything to gain a franchise, and the reason is very simple. It’s about trade and draft.

Mavericks have 9 wins and 14 defeats, and are 14th in the West. Dallas’ first choice until 2021 belongs to the Knicks.

As you can see, the more Mavericks lose, the more chances they have to win the highest pick in the next draft, which promises to be particularly talented! How is that possible? Thank you so much for the exchange set up in 2019 around Christoph Porchis. New York also has a first-round selection of the Texan ownership draft 2023.

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Ironically, the Knicks have not been such a good game in a long time! Thanks to the experience of Tom Thibodo, the owner is currently fighting for the playoffs, with young players loving it! It seems that the good news never comes alone, here is the best example!

Mavericks fighting season, they did not choose the first round of the draft... and in the season of fighting for the Knicks playoffs, they may have a better choice. A beautiful paradox!

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