Amazon installs surveillance cameras on delivery vehicles, angry associations

Amazon installs surveillance cameras on delivery vehicles, angry associations

Amazon has begun installing cameras attached to delivery trucks to improve driver safety, but the move has sparked a outcry from associations that continue to monitor surveillance.

We have recently started to use the latest generation camera based security technology in our delivery fleet“, An Amazon spokesman confirmed to AFP on Thursday.”This technology will provide real-time alerts to help drivers stay safe on the road.“.

Cameras with artificial intelligence system

The e-commerce company has chosen Driveri, a camera model made by Netrodin, which incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) system to analyze data and alert drivers directly. “Studies show that these cameras reduce vehicle alerts by a third and those with improved driving behavior by a third.“, Carolina Haraldstottir, Amazon is responsible for safety during childbirth.

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He speaks in an internal video praising the new systemFor the safety of drivers and the communities they serve“Released by the American media and approved by Amazon. The cameras are fitted with four lenses so that they can film the road and drive, but they do not record sound or broadcast live.”No one can call and hear themselves during your delivery“, Says Carolina Haroldstotter.

It is the largest corporate surveillance extension in human history

With the driver, “A security officer will now have access to every minute of a driving day“Netrodin’s website says.”It is the largest corporate surveillance extension in human history“Outraged, Evan Greer is the deputy director of Fight for the Future, an NGO fighting for human rights in the digital world.

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Amazon wants to turn its vast delivery fleet into a mobile army of surveillance cameras. These devices will worsen the inhumane working conditions in which drivers are already working. By constantly collecting and analyzing images of our surroundings they violate the fundamental rights of all.“, He continued in a statement. According to the internal rules of these cameras released by the CNBC channel, they will also be used to assess the behavior of drivers, for example, indicating that they are not standing at a stop.”It seems inevitable that Amazon will find an easy way to share videos with their 2,000 or more security partners.“, Adds Evan Greer, who worries about the risk of robbing cameras.

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