In Australia, firefighters control a fire near Perth

In Australia, firefighters control a fire near Perth
This photo, provided by the Fire and Emergency Department, shows firefighters trying to control a wildfire near Worlow, northeast of Perth, Australia, on February 2.

A year later Violent fires rallied thousands of firefighters and destroyed part of the country, Australia Again in the grip of wildfire. Firefighters managed to control a fire near Perth in the southwest of the island from Wednesday 3 to Thursday, February 4.

At least 81 homes in the region were destroyed by fire this week. Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan called the devastation “Almost as important as taking the full dose”. But then “Two Dark Days”Also, firefighters were on fire as the fire threatened more populated residential areas.

Ten thousand hectares were burned in four days

Seven firefighters were slightly injured, but no deaths have been reported in the 10,000-hectare fire since Monday. One year ago, more than 3.5 million hectares were burned in Western Australia, especially during the devastating wildfire season. As they return to the country each summer, the fires become more and more severe due to various events associated with global warming.

A wildfire threatens a vineyard in Baskerville, a suburb of Perth, on February 3.

Near Perth, hundreds of people have fled dangerous areas in recent days, some sleeping in specially designed reception centers. More than 250 firefighters are mobilized in an area with steep hills, which is a type of terrain. “Really Hard”, Said Darren Clem, fire chief of Western Australia.

The wind, which reached 70km / h, further complicated the work of firefighters: on the one hand, it was impossible to carry water bombers, and on the other hand, it ignited the flames. Officials hope this weekend’s rain forecast will help firefighters on their mission.

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