Cobra Guy: Kareem Abdul-Jaber says Bruce Lee would have loved the series

Cobra Guy: Kareem Abdul-Jaber says Bruce Lee would have loved the series

In an article written for the American website The Hollywood Reporter, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jafar – who was also a disciple of Bruce Lee – claims that the actor is a fan of the Cobra Guy series. Arguments in support.

The former Los Angeles Lakers lead is clearly enchanted by the karate kit prologue, which launched in 2018 on YouTube Red before moving to Netflix two years later. According to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the success of a series of films released in the 1980s is indirectly linked to the popularization of martial arts started by Bruce Lee.

“Bruce was my teacher and friend, and he would often say that his goal for the martial arts was not only to combine them with action films, but also to show the spiritual strength to live in greater balance. He knew he had to. ” He writes.

According to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobra Kai manages to strike a balance between the action that can be seen on screen and the inner struggle of the characters. “Bruce would have liked this way of conducting martial arts because he found a way to defend himself against his opponents in practice, but also against his own destructive impulses,” Karim Abdul-Jabbar continues.

The former NBA is proud of the fact that the series, which airs on Netflix, avoids taking itself too seriously, and by injecting humor and self-mockery through its characters. Kareem Abdul-Jafar explains that the Bruce League also had the undoubted Joker side. “I wish I could have seen Bruce and I sitting in an armchair, and his head coming closer to me, remembering all the times I kicked my ass when I was his student.», He concludes.

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