Brix de American Legend Race 2021: Funny jet, Quinta’s surprise guest?

Brix de American Legend Race 2021: Funny jet, Quinta's surprise guest?

We did not expect that. After a fantastic summer, the Trail de Jet Prix D’American Legend Race took the physical step of preventing himself from distinguishing himself in the qualifying races for 2021. Finally qualified for the wins at the end of the entries, Pierre Verkruis’ student could be better as Quinta’s surprise guest this Sunday.

“I waited until the last moment to decide to hire him. The last trip to training at Crosspoys on Monday was very reassuring. He showed me that he has regained the freshness he got this summer (Note: The horse has earned 183,550 euros in 4 months). I am very excited to see him at the race Pierre Vergrese’s return to CNUS on time may be explained by a recent two – week stay in Normandy, where the “troll” was stopped.

The amazing sprinter with interesting improvements, the Troll de Jet, may have been overlooked by the Punters on Sunday, seemingly armed to come and play the troublemakers during Quint’s arrival, especially his adviser associated with him, Quaker Jet (2nd place above 2/100 in 2010) or Oasis-B ( 3rd 66/1 in 2016) etc. were able to go against the predictions during the Brix de America. “When you’re a foreigner, it’s always easy,” Pierre Verkruis recognizes.

To recreate his previous exploits, the latter has his little idea in mind. “As far as his profile is concerned, I have no choice but to try to protect it as much as possible and finally be brought back to the forefront by other competitors before making a difference,” he analyzes. One thing is for sure: the hypothesis of a team race with Pierre Verkruis’ other representative, Moni Viking, is unimaginable. “I consider it inefficient. Given the different profiles of my two horses, this tactic would prove counterproductive.”

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