“Monsterland” on the Salto Platform: A series condemning America’s horror today

"Monsterland" on the Salto Platform: A series condemning America's horror today

If horror series on streaming sites are not uncommon, “Monsterland” immediately reveals its particular form: it is a legend, in other words, each chapter tells a whole story, which can be viewed independently from the others. However, a common thread connects the eight parts of this first season, which lands in Salto, France this Thursday, following a deal on Hulu in the US late last year. On the imaginary side (we encounter the ability to change appearance or witchcraft) and the real world, with monsters with the heads of ordinary people. For episodes, each has the name of a major American city – the first taking place in New Orleans, but not in the name of postcards – “Monsterland” thus describes an America today.

This is the goal that the boss of this fiction, Mary Lass, wanted to achieve in anyone who wanted to work on the movie “Preacher”, “Heir” or “The Neon Ghost”. “Horror is a good vehicle to talk about the difference and pain of human experience,” he underlines during a meeting with Zoom. My favorite movies Chainsaw Massacre, விரட்டல், Rosemary’s baby, Do not look back. For this series, I wanted to explore the sub-genre of horror Strange fiction, As if our real world was polluted by a style, horror and exciting intrusions that are really very anchored ”.

For his eight stories, he was based on a collection of short stories signed by Nathan Ballingroot, a writer unknown in France. “The book is about ordinary citizens, how can they create good people to do terrible things,” he explains. Did it come from a shock, a trapped feeling, a kind of frustration? “

So heroes similar to the people we meet on the street. “Every chapter starts with someone who is in the middle of a crisis. He has to face one or more choices, the offer is good or bad, but there is nothing good or bad… These characters lived a shock in their existence before they even appeared on screen. For example, the single mother loses her legs from the first episode and she is too young to face all her problems. She makes a choice that would be scary for many, but this is only possible for her. Lead If these heroes encounter terrifying creatures, beware A Priory ! “Who are the monsters? Mary Loss asks. They are in all the episodes, but in the end, the humans are the most brutal.”

The “Monsterland” compiled in today’s United States precedes, in fact, precedes. Because fiction inspires theories such as the armed militants of the far right, the mass killings that continue to bleed the country. “I started writing the script when Trump was elected president,” says Mary Laws. This made me ashamed, more than that, when I saw how our country was divided into two hostile camps. Sure, we’ve always been divided, but never to see a scene like insult, hatred, sectarianism, racism. Canaan is very important in the United States today பார்ப்ப To see Americans who believe in this conspiracy theory is to the extent of occupying the capital and threatening democracy, it is very real. “Finally, more than this nice outfit, it’s more reminiscent of what Ken Loach would do if he started to feel horror …

Author Rating: 4/5

Monsterland, American Series by Mary Los, Mike Golder, Taylor Schilling, Nicole Behari… 8 x 52 minutes.

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