Mitch McConnell calls Mitchell Taylor Green “Republican cancer.”

Mitch McConnell calls Mitchell Taylor Green "Republican cancer."

Republican Senator boss Mitch McConnell blasted Georgia’s pro-Trump and conspirator Marjorie Taylor Green at the center of a controversy.

Strong words, but did not follow the action. On Monday, Republican Senators boss Mitch McConnell called Georgia’s elected official Marjorie Taylor Green “cancer for the Republicans” and criticized the report Mountain A pro-Trump Republican and the “crazy lies and conspiracy theories” he supports: “Someone says there should not have been a plane crash at the Pentagon on 9/11. It has nothing to do with challenges or substantial discussions that could strengthen our party. ”

Georgia’s representative, who was elected unopposed last November after dropping his Democratic opponent two months before the election, responded quickly to the criticism. On Twitter Even though Mitch McConnell did not mention his name in the speech: “The real cancer of the Republicans is the weak Republicans, who know how beautiful they can lose. This is why we are losing our country. “If Marjorie Taylor Green was so confident about herself, it was because she saw more support in her eyes than the boss of the Republican senators. She spoke proudly on Saturday. On Twitter “For a Super Call” [son] “President, President Trump, the all-time favorite who shows the support of the millionaire to define himself as” Christian, wife, mother, small business boss, proud American, 100% pro-life, pro-Trump, pro-Trump. “

In the last days of Trump’s mandate he was welcomed at the White House, promising to do everything possible to oppose the certification of presidential election results lost by the outgoing president. He will see him again soon in Florida, he assured the right – wing channel OANN: “I look forward to seeing him soon. I will continue to call him and talk to him often. The good news is that he is 100% supportive of me and I have always supported him. President Trump has always been for the people. , He’s not going anywhere, so I can’t wait to join him and his future plans. “

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Parkland shooting, a product according to “MTG”

Mitch McConnell’s statement comes amid controversy over the appointment of Marjorie Taylor Green to the Education and Work Related Committee. He said he was ready to vote to be removed from the commission because of a choice opposed by Democrats, videos discovered in recent days and comments in the past. Marjorie Taylor Green, in particular, is skeptical of the shooting at Parkland High School two years ago (17 people died in February 2018), believing it was a “planned shooting under false pretense” to advance a political cause – i.e. taking up arms. Restrictions on going. David Hawke, one of the only remaining high school students in Barclays, was repeatedly called #LittleHitler or “Little Hitler”. “He is being paid to do that,” she follows him in a video in Washington, D.C., receiving funding from “George Soros, a billionaire at the center of many conspiracies and anti-Semitic ideologies.”

Mitch McConnell, who will play a key role in coordinating Republican-elected officials during next week’s indictment, publicly backed Liz Cheney, a sign that loyalty to Donald Trump is finally reaching certain limits. Wyoming’s elected Republicans are being humiliated for voting in favor of Donald Trump’s accusation on Jan. 13 for voting “to incite rebellion,” just like the other nine Republicans. “Liz Cheney is a leader with deep faith and courage to implement it. She is an important leader in our party and our nation. I am grateful for her work and look forward to cooperating with her on key issues related to our nation,” he said. Great support as Republicans demand removal.

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