When comics draw New York and the United States

What is life like for former presidents after the White House?

This week, the letter is full of bubbles and drawings. In the company of superheroes or ordinary heroes, Lionel Gentron, RTL Reporter, USA, talks about his interest in comics, And what this art expression says about America.

Where Comics Are, Gotham City (Batman), Or metropolitan (Superman), New York and its environs difficult to recognize: Queens (Spider man), The kitchen of hell (Daredevil). But not only that. Like other authors Art Spiegelman (Mouse), Also provided a unique view of the city.

Lay “Cartoonist” Will Eisner Thus performed a Masterful trilogy in New York (New York trilogy). In this graphic novel, he paints the most thought-provoking pictures of the daily life of its citizens, describing the stress, but also the intoxicating dimension of a megalopolis that now belongs to everyone’s imagination.

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