Le nombre de levées de fonds a toutefois très légèrement décru par rapport à son pic historique de 2019, passant de 12.285 à 12.254.

U.S. start-ups raised $ 156 billion by 2020, 26 times more than France

In a letter to start-up founders and business leaders in early March, Sequoia Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital funds, said the catastrophe, the epidemic business that had begun to realize its magnitude, and the consistent movement of business. The investment fund predicts severe difficulties for retail businesses, disruption of value chains and a significant drop in fundraising.

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If Sequoia capital is forecast in many respects, it is wrong in this case. Contrary to what one might think, the year that has now ended has really become one of the best in terms of fundraising. U.S. Startups raised a total of 6 156.2 billion by 2020 (Approximately 130 billion euros), according to Pitchbook NVCA Venture Monitor. Record break: This is higher than 2019 (137.6 billion), but higher than 2018 (143 billion), which is the number one favorite year on stage so far. However, in 2019 the number of fundraisers dropped dramatically from 12,285 to 12,254 compared to its historic peak. Good figures in absolute value obscure a certain disparity between companies, while already popular start-ups among investors were able to raise money without great difficulty, while young lovers had to fight a little harder than usual.

“In the face of the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, investors did not hesitate to put their hands on their portfolios in support of the companies they considered the best to escape from the crisis”, analyze James Thorn & Priyamwada Mathur from Pitchbook Data. A company that monitors and analyzes fundraising data. The downside of this event is that “investment in young shoots at an early stage has declined this year. “

Signs of slippery nails in the anus Haripillis 2020 technology, The year is exceptional for IPOs In the United States (IPOs). There is a total 120 IPOs in 2020, compared to 97 last year. Airbnb has a record $ 37.2 billion IPO in the region, followed by Snowflake ($ 30 billion) and Doordash ($ 29 billion).

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The dominance of the Silicon Valley in question?

The investment, again this year, is largely driven by Silicon Valley, which is essential for US start-ups looking to raise funds. Andrzej Horowitz announced a pair of mega-funds in November that would invest a total of $ 4.5 billion, while Lickspeed raised $ 1.8 billion to invest in startups in April, the fund’s unprecedented amount. General Catalyst, NEA and Flagship Pioneer have also introduced their own mega funds.

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