Matt Stafford does not want to go to the Patriots |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Matt Stafford does not want to go to the Patriots | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Matthew Stafford is now a member of the Rams. But he may have gone elsewhere. Or almost.

According to NBC Sports Boston, the only owners who do not want to change Stafford are the Patriots.

The reasons for this choice are not clear, but there is a choice. New England does not have really good recipients or tight ends. The Patriots are playing in the cold because the pitcher has played his whole life in a dome. Former Lions coach Matt Patricia tried to bring the culture of the Patriots with him, but it turned out to be a complete failure. Patricia, in fact, is back on Bates’ staff.

Many former Patriots have gone through Detroit, and Stafford has no problem getting credentials.

For the first time in ages, patriots will no longer impress. In particular they would have only offered a second round and a player selection.

There were a lot of people

If he doesn’t want to go to Boston, Stafford has no shortage of options.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Panthers would have given the 8th selection of the draft and the draft selection. Washington would have offered the 19th and 3rd rounds.

On the Golds side, we offered selections and players, but the 21st selection was not offered directly. The Broncos are said to have argued that Detroit would be given a choice in the first round, but Denver was out quickly.

The 49ers, Pierce and the Jets would have inquired without going too far. On the San Francisco side, we will have no problem continuing with Jimmy Caropolo.

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During the talks, Washington and Carolina would have first grabbed the rope before passing Rams.

It certainly helped that Stafford and McVeigh were already more or less directly friends. Because the coach is very friendly with Chad Hall, the coach of those who receive the bills, he is also the brother of the player’s wife Kelly Stafford. The two quickly celebrated the relocation with dinner in Mexico. They were with other NFL players for an event.

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