In the middle of a game, LeBron gets confused with a fan!

En plein match, LeBron s'embrouille avec une fan ! NBA

Most NBA halls are lost Audience, this does not apply to everyone. In Atlanta, there are a few fans, but things don’t always go right. When the Lockers were there, LeBron James got into trouble with a guy!

There was some action between the Lockers and the Hawks last night. On the ground, at first, Frank Vogel’s men were better than their evening opponent: 107-99. A close match until the last minute, but for the most part, it was good LeBron James Who put the powder talk to end this meeting. He finished with 21 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists on the clock.

But some on the outside, were with the fan. In fact, visitors are allowed on the Hawks page. While not many, it is enough to lead to problems.

We do not know the exact nature of the conversation, but we do know that it was a tension between King and an onlooker in the front row. If we talked about it, security would have intervened and told him to leave. It was the referees who stopped the match because of her.

It took a while because the person in question initially refused to go out. Fortunately, everything quickly returned to order and the meeting was able to resume. We hope to have an explanation now of what happened with LeBron.

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Even when the fans are low, the problem is already there. Anyway, players should appreciate this return of contact.

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