Face Time Bourbon, the hero of the 100th Brix de America

Face Time Bourbon, the hero of the 100th Brix de America

“A Famous Horse” in the exceptional Brix de America. How pathetic that the public could not attend this event! This Sunday, January 31, in Paris-Vincennes, the champions waited to see the tears well up on the pace and under the gray sky. Face Time Bourbon He showed his immense talent by entering his name for the second time in the gift list of the most beautiful event in the world. Even better, he broke Sebastian Quattro’s champion record of 2700 meters in 1’10”8. This is the best of the four tenths Express immediately In 2018!

Bjorn Coop, who has been accused of winning only six races since the start of the Vincenta Winter Meeting, did not shy away from putting the wheel on the feet of his main opponent and future dolphin. Davidson to Bond, To get a favorable place in the bellows, a lap from the insect.

At the age of 44, Sweden won its third Brix de America in four years and gave Sebastian Guardio a fourth in six years. “Sitting behind a horse with so many talents is a great feeling for me,” he asserts in the race. It’s a complicated race with false beginnings, but Face time Awesome again. “After vibrating on empty stands as the closed camera was imposed, Sebastian Quarto, for his part, is very happy:” This is a tactical race, a race for pilots! This is a great, great driver from Jorn ”

“Beaten by a Famous Horse”

Second, like the year, Davidson to Bond Leaving his identity with his competitor for a long time before coming to a top second, his coach-driver Jean-Michel P பzier says: “The horse is running up, but we are being attacked by a famous horse. Before there was Ready paid, Then The brave eagle. Face time, It is a combination of the two… I have no regrets. “

And what about performance Gu de Haripra, Third at age 5… “Awesome, this is so promising for next year”, at the end of the meeting his driver Frank Nivard slips a corner of his lips with a smile.

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