Why is the big event happening in Myanmar?

Why is the big event happening in Myanmar?
Why is the big event happening in Myanmar?  - Photo 1.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s ruling NLD says military allegations are baseless – Photo: REUTERS

The main variable has been warned before

According to the Reuters news agency, 1-2 am, Myanmar military television channel D.A year after the arrests of government leaders on the morning of the same day, a state of emergency was declared in the country.

According to the military, this latest major turning point was caused by “huge” mistakes in last year’s election. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces General Min Aung Hlong will be given the authority.

After the incident, Myanmar’s telephone and data network was paralyzed 75 percent slower than normal with an internet connection for one or two days. MRTV, the national broadcaster, and Myanmar Radio were also unable to broadcast.

Ms. Sookie, 75, has been in power since winning the 2015 election. Before that he had been held at home for decades.

In the 2020 election, the NLD declared victory on 9-11 after gaining enough seats to form its own government, as it did five years ago.

Political tensions escalated as a military spokesman failed to rule out the possibility of a coup before parliament convened on the morning of February 1, with General Min Aung Hlong citing the possibility of constitutional abolition.

Over the weekend, the military continued to announce on social media that it would “do everything in its power to uphold the democratic standards of free and fair elections.”

Why did the military accuse it of electoral fraud?

According to Reuters, the military – the “architect” of the 2008 constitution – saw itself as a shield to protect the constitution and national unity. The military also participates in the political system, which controls 25% of seats in parliament and three key departments of the Suu Kyi government.

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However, in the recent election, the military was said to have problems with adding names to ballots in many districts, and was dissatisfied with the Election Commission’s response to complaints.

According to observers, as the Coalition Party grew together, the military’s response was that the ruling party, previously established by the military, lost the 2011 election.

Sookie has not yet commented on the NLD’s victory or the military’s claims, but said the NLD military’s allegations were baseless and that any electoral error would not change the outcome.

Of the more than 90 parties running, at least 17 complained – mostly about minor discrepancies, with election observers saying there were no major discrepancies in the vote.

On January 28, the Election Commission said there were no so-called errors in the so-called fraud or election defamation.

According to Myanmar’s constitution, a military commander can overthrow the regime in the most extreme cases, such as “disintegration of the alliance, disintegration of national unity and loss of sovereignty.” However, this possibility only occurs in the event of a state of emergency declared by the President.

However, General Min Aung Hlung, who spoke to the military last week, said the constitution was “the mother law of all laws” and should be repealed if it was not followed. Similar cases have taken place in Myanmar before, he said.

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