Team Bike Exchange ready for Australian Championship

Route - Le Team BikeExchange prêt pour les championnats d

The Australian Road Championships It will take place next week on the road. Of course, the team Team Bike Exchange (Formerly Mitchellton-Scott), the only Australian on the World Tour team to approach the tournament with great ambition, winning almost every title last year – Cameron Mayor In road racing, Luke Durbridge Time test and Amanda Sprat Girls road racing.

Video – Luke Durbridge 2014 on tour in Italy

Mayor and Durbridge keep their titles

Cameron Mayor He will come to defend his title at the start of the road race next Sunday. “It’s an honor to wear this jersey for the last 12 months. Of course, I could not wear it as much as I wanted to because of the infection, but the memory of the success I had last year will always be special.”, The 33-year-old said on his training website. “My form is very good. I think it will be difficult to do this like last year, but most of the time I have to be ahead and I hope the team with a strong team can get a good result for the bike exchange.”

Luke Durbridge He will also be at the start of the road race he already won in 2013, and of course he will be aligned on the clock aimed at the fifth coronation. “I’m not pressured to be an outgoing champion, but it’s not something to be underestimated. When you are an outgoing champion, everyone wants to win you, you have to respect it. You have to be sure to give it your all because you will lose otherwise.”

In women, Amanda Sprat I will not be participating in these championships, but the Australian team will be the focus Grace Brown, Who won the time trial two years ago. “My main focus is on the clock, but over the last few years I have learned that preparations for both events go hand in hand. Sunday road racing will be very important. Considering the overall situation and travel restrictions, it would be good to beat this existing Australian champion jersey and bring it back to Europe., Said Brown.

Team Bike Exchange Riders at the Australian Championships


Luke Durbridge (AUS, 29) (CLM, Critérium and road race)
Lucas Hamilton (AUS, 24) (CLM, Critérium and road race)
Damien Howson (AUS, 28) (Criteria and Road Racing)
Alex Edmontsson (AUS, 27) (Criteria and Road Racing)
Cotton Gardens (AUS, 21) (Criteria and Road Racing)
Cameron Mayor (AUS, 33) (road racing)


Grace Brown (AUS, 28) (CLM and Road Racing)
Jess Allen (AUS, 27) (Criteria and Road Racing)
Sarah Roy (AUS, 34) (Criteria and Road Racing)
Lucy Kennedy (AUS, 32) (Road Racing)

Australian Road Championship Program


Wednesday February 3 – C.L.M. : Federal University, 37.5 km.
Friday, February 5 – Criterion : Ballarat, 44 km / 40 tours
Sunday, February 7 – Online race : Puninyong – Puninyong, 185.6 km.


Wednesday February 3 – C.L.M. : Federal University, 28.6 km.
Friday, February 5 – Criterion : Ballarat, 44 km / 40 tours
Sunday, February 7 – Online race : Puninyong – Puninyong, 104.4 km.

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