Australian Open> Party: “Australians have no advantage in their product”

Australian Open> Party: "Australians have no advantage in their product"

The 25 – year – old Australian Ashley Party is arguably the most beloved tennis player in his country. May be greater than Kyrgios. But I don’t think there is an advantage to being an Australian in preparation for the World No. 1 Australian Open. Anyway, that’s what she says Australian Associated Press :

«It’s clear we have different rules in Australia and I don’t think anyone has the best product. “Everybody is doing their best, and we as players need to respect that. We need to understand that this is a very difficult time, especially here in Melbourne. We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to play.”

This talk is possible before matches. Now, let’s see in the courts what happens and whether one product is actually more effective than the other.

We want to trust Ashley, but living long in “freedom” in her country seems like the best product yet.

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