Tim Cook praises Joe Biden’s action on immigration

Tim Cook praises Joe Biden's action on immigration

There is no doubt that Tim Cook wants to have a better relationship with the new resident of the White House. The Apple boss’ political sensitivity brings him closer to Democrat Joe Biden than to Republican Donald Trump, although Tim Cook has effectively developed a certain proximity. It is useless to pass between the drops of the trade war against China driven by Trump (read: Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the first Mac Pro 2019).

Joe Biden. Image: Cage Skitmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Tim Cook is chairman of the Business Roundtable Immigration Committee, an association of American business leaders. Written First of all congratulations to Joe Biden on his election, and above all for the action he has taken in favor of the “dreamers”. The new US president very soon Confirmed again The policies of the DACA (Postponement of Childhood Attendance), a program set up by Barack Obama, allow undocumented youth to benefit from work permits.

At the beginning of his mandate to stop implementing the plan, Tim Cook said he was shocked by Donald Trump’s decision. This time the reception was very warm. ” For our companies “, Explains Apple’s boss,” Dreamers are precious members of our teams. These are young people, individuals, who represent the best in our country, and their diversity can all come together to fulfill the American dream and create a better future for the next generation. .

The immigration issue will certainly mark Biden’s presidency, but it is not the only one. ” There are many major issues we face today, from the raging epidemic to racial inequality to the economic challenge ”, Tim Cook lists. Topics that Apple is investing in and the topics that should lead the company in the path of Joe Biden at one time or another.

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