London’s smallest house for sale for m 1 million

London's smallest house for sale for m 1 million

The house is located in Shepherd Bush County, west London. (Drawing) – Pixabay

Looking at it from the street, who can imagine what this strange building with blue facade looks like? Yet this is well known to the English. They nicknamed it the “Thin House” London “Currently he is talking about her again as he is on sale for 50 950,000 (0 1.07 million), reports Inside.

The most distinctive pavilion in the Shepherd Bush District is only 1.80 m wide. But when you open the door, there is no sense of obstruction to the audience. Good Immovable There are five sites on 96 m². It still has two bedrooms, an office, a kitchen in the basement, a dining room, a bathroom and a small living room two meters wide. But the highlight of the completely unexpected scene is its floor located on the second floor.

Twelve years ago her value was very low

Also icing on the cake is the history of this house. In the 1990s, it was an update to Jன்rgen Teller Photographer The album features German costume designers Beijork and Elton John, who signed significantly. Then, for two years, it belonged to Simon Woods seen in the film Pride and prejudice.

It was purchased by its current owner in 2009 for 12 812,993 (approximately 70 670,000). So he wants to make a good capital gain of almost 330,000 euros.

Suitable for artists

For those interested in buying this home or finding it from the inside, thanks to an ad published by real estate company Winkworth Shepherd Bush. Some photos have been posted with a brief description.

According to the company responsible for the sale, the interview was conducted Inside, This house is suitable for “creative people like media persons, designers and photographers” and “not designed as a family home”.

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