Australia: A woman finds her house infected with dozens of spiders (video)

Australia: A woman finds her house infected with dozens of spiders (video)

This Wednesday, January 27th, a mother found dozens of spiders in her home in Australia. Fortunately, there is more fear than harm because they are harmless.

Sensitive souls are departing … If Australia is famous for its kangaroos and colas, it is the spiders that have created the buzz here. This Wednesday, January 27th, a mother saw a horrible scene in her daughter’s room: Dozens and dozens of spiders on walls and ceilings. The video was shared by a friend of Claudia’s mother, who wrote: “My friend Kaaahhh in Sydney walked into his daughter’s room and saw this“, Then he added in another post:”So for everyone who says this is Photoshop, here is a video“.

As can be seen in the video, the bedroom ceiling is infested with spiders and moves and flutters. The video, which was shared on Twitter, immediately went viral. Fear rather than harm After all, since it’s about sparasidae, tell me. “HuntsmanThese little beasts grow up to be impressive in size, but they are Dangerous and completely harmless. In an interview 9 News, Claudia explained that spiders Finally a part of themselves Her daughter has changed the bed!

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