Rugby. Frederick Mitchell is deported to Australia to help a rugby club … 13!

Rugby. Frédéric Michalak s'exile en Australie pour venir en aide à un club de rugby à... 13 !

Frederick Mitchell In Australia. Yes, you understand very well. Former opening half France, Will always love new adventures (he especially played Sharks In South Africa In 2008), The Sydney Roosters were set up earlier this year in Australia to help the club. No need to speak for the purists of the game at the age of 15, this rugby club is one of the most successful in the country. None other than one of his last persons All blacks, Sony Bill Williams, Who played under local colors between 2013 and 2014. Before leaving it last summer, he went through the club again in the summer of 2020, having played only a few matches. Michelle had announced her new adventure to him a few days ago through her Instagram account..

In an interview with The Independent, the former No. 10 returns to the reasons that pushed him to leave France and set foot in Sydney: ”It was family reasons that brought my wife, my three children and me to Australia. My wife’s parents live there and we found a plane to get here”. After being kept in solitary confinement for fourteen days, the health controls were obligated and the player passed Toulouse Or Doolon Sydney was able to integrate the staff of the Roosters and fully engage in his new adventure. An adventure began thanks to the club’s current coach, Trent Robinson, especially the Catalan Dragons. : ”I befriended a very good French-speaking Trent Robinson […] I already met him a year ago. I also saw the facilities of two other NRL owners: the Titans and the Brisbane Francos. I made an intervention Rewards To XV. I looked around to see how clubs work when I work LOU. It allowed me to come back with a few training methods and a different perspective, He still continues in the columns of L’Indépendant. If he is only to give a loan at first, Frederick Michel takes his work to heart. He is particularly involved in improving the game of kicking, but not only: ”I would certainly interfere with the kicking game, but the bosses of hookers and playmakers […] With the “six again” rule that allows teams to keep the ball for a long time, we have 65 minutes of effective playing time, which is huge. Athletes need a lot of physical preparation, I support the highest level of performance, and I try to manage all the mental areas associated with these different features.” ‘

There are things to look out for in 15 of 13 and vice versa

As he blossomed into his new career, he was praised along with a Trent Robinson: ”He brings things beyond the simple rugby player. This is a very strong psychological and psychological response. I have never seen it in any club. I take a lot of notes and it is very rich.Before drawing the line between rugby 15 and 13, he acknowledged his frustration that both fields were complementary and that the bridges between the two games were not presented: ”I know it exists, but it has not been brought to light. However, 15 out of 13 have things to look for, and vice versa. 15 out of 13 people will look for a lot of things in attacks, but also in the defensive area. Safety and wrestling are part of 13, by the age of 15 these parts must be operational ‘‘, He concludes in L’Indépendant.

If he does not close the door to spend a full day at a club, Michael mentions, however, that he should always be a consultant to Canal +. In a complicated situation, he planned to stay for a while in Australia where his children now attend school. Since a man is always looking for new experiences, he has a lot of ideas in his head.

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