February weather forecast: important confirmations for a cold turn from Russia in the middle of the month

February weather forecast: important confirmations for a cold turn from Russia in the middle of the month

In our terms Weather forecast for February, Signs of a significant winter shift continue for much of Europe, especially beginning in the middle of the month. In a routine analysis of the descriptive codes of the general hemispherical cycle, we continue to observe a series of negative reactions of the AO index found in practice at a practically negative point for most of the new month, at least until 23/24 February. Therefore, there are no signs of strengthening of the tropical polar cycle, which, as characteristic of this winter 2020/2021, will continue to be disturbed by the constant subversion of naturally occurring cold wave cables through medium and low latitudes. Way and alternative phases in various hemispheric fields. At the same time, the baric and thermal gap tracking code at various Atlantic latitudes, i.e. NAO, is neutral or sometimes slightly positive from negative territory, as well as the same descriptive code of the Pacific Ocean, PNA. In particular, the confirmation of the change of identity of these last two indices towards neutrality or positivity would strongly suggest a growing medium-high volume for Atlantic circulation with a growing anticyclone between the United Kingdom, the North Sea and Scandinavia.

Now this trend is integrated into all the predictions of the most important global computer centers. In light of this experiment, as well as consider the thermal anomalies of the ocean surface water closest to us, i.e. the Atlantic Ocean, which is cold in the Middle East and presents preventive measures close to European beaches, especially the medium high and, significant Eurasian ice caps in about 15 Euro We believe it could be affected by a significant cold wave. Of course, given the large temporal distance, we could not understand the exact path of the cold reactionary movements.

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However, the first signs will give the axis of continental activity centered on our continent, so the possible direction of Germany, France, the central-northern Italian ports and then the western Mediterranean. An interesting maneuver in the sense of winter could wreak havoc with widespread cold and snowfall over a large part of the continent and much of Italy. Further details are not possible based on current data, but MeetWeb editorial staff will continue to follow this long-awaited interesting winter maneuver and make periodic updates.

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