The Australian man loosened his jaw and escaped the crocodile attack

Le crocodile a mordu la victime à la tête, l

Rescue services say an Australian player who untied his jaw in northern Australia on Thursday has escaped a crocodile attack. Authorities say the 44-year-old was bitten by a reptile while bathing in a park near Queensland’s tourist town of Cairns.

«He suddenly felt something hug over his head and realized it was a crocodileSaid Paul Sweeney, who works for the Queensland Rescue Service. “He put his hands on his jaw (crocodile) to free his head, and when he did so, the jaw closed with his left index finger.“Paul Sweeney explained. Then he was forced to swim a long distance to reach the shore for fear of being caught by the animal. When help arrived, the victim.”Surprising silenceSat down.

The 40-year-old has injuries to his head, face, shoulders and arms. He was taken to a hospital in Cairns, where he is expected to recover quickly. “He is very luckySalon Paul Sweeney.

There are many saltwater crocodiles in the area, but attacks are relatively rare. “He was a pretty strong person and he said he would swim soon. So a braver man than meThe rescuer joked.

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