Miyazaki’s son Goro dedicates himself to 3D animation, entertainment news and great stories

Miyazaki's son Goro dedicates himself to 3D animation, entertainment news and great stories

Paris டியோ Studio Kipli, the home of the masters of Japanese animated cinema, decided to dive into 3D under the guidance of Koro, the son of founder Hayao Miyazaki, although he was not ready to color his pencils.

Coming out of the shadows with 54-year-old Erwick and Witch, with the same taste as his father, is set to be released online as part of the Gerrard Fantasy Film Festival starting today.

The film, which first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year and was instead launched at the Lumiere event in Lyon, is the story of a naughty orphan who is adopted by a witch and a black cat friend.

It bears Miyazaki’s distinctive mark, but fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s highlights such as My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Hell’s Moving Castle (2004) may be thrown off balance by the cool 3D effect.

According to a studio acclaimed for the visual harmony of its works, Jumping is a gamble, Koro admits, knowing the risk of deceiving fans over the age of 30.

Despite this, he claims that his 80-year-old perfect father gave him “Carde Blanche”.

The creator of Tales from Earthsee (2006) and From Up on Bobby Hill (2011) said in an interview.

“He would stop to check it out, but he has no law because of the technical differences with traditional animation. It’s not his medium.”

Switching to 3D does not mean “entering some kind of competition” with American animation giants with their vast technical and financial resources, Goro says.

“You can compare great American products with Tesla electric cars. What we’re trying to do is build a bicycle to get around the city. There are scenery you can only appreciate for this slower speed than a bicycle.

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Despite Studio Kipley’s international reputation, he says, “We’m not a big studio or a big company, but an adjoining workshop, a small creative space.”

“I don’t think we can plan a generational change as people expect.”

While computer graphics offer “a new opportunity for the future,” conservatives can guarantee that “drawing on paper and traditional animation like my father will continue in the studio.”

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