A majority of Republicans in the Senate voted against Trump’s trial

A majority of Republicans in the Senate voted against Trump's trial

All Republicans in the Senate have voted to dismiss the indictment of former US President Donald Trump.

It is this party unity that suggests that Trump could be acquitted of inciting the Capitol Hill riots. – Kabar Al-Jazeera

Republican Senator Rand Paul proposed Tuesday and opposed the former president’s trial.

Because the US Constitution does not provide for the accusation of the former president. Republican Donald Trump walked out of the White House last Wednesday.

In the Democratic-led Senate, the Republicans’ proposal was rejected by 55-45 votes. But five Republicans voted against the proposal. But to convict Trump would require a referendum of at least 16 Republican senators.

Despite Trump’s failure to complete the investigation in advance, the plan says he has more comprehensive control over the party. Donald Trump was the first former US president to face the charge.

Rand Paul later told reporters that very few of these incidents had taken place in Washington, where failure was a real success. 45 votes died immediately after the indictment began.

Democrat majority leader Chuck Schumer dismissed Republicans’ constitutional claims as a “complete lie.” He said if the president is found guilty of misconduct, he will find a constitutional way to get him out of jail.

Schumer said the AP in no way understood that on the Senate floor, a president or any former official could commit such a heinous crime against our country and then lose the accusatory power of Congress. He then declared himself incompetent and abstained from voting.

So, according to the schedule, the trial of Trump is scheduled to begin on January 7th.

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