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Health crisis It has dramatically worsened an already dangerous situation by disrupting our environment and our social relationships. The new living conditions it imposes affect our freedom of movement, an essential dimension of health. Decreased physical activity and increased sedentary lifestyle affect the majority of people. Four months of imprisonment resulted in weight gain and a drastic decrease in cognitive (almost 40%!) And physical (20%) of children with CE2.

People who are vulnerable are more vulnerable. The autonomy of people with disabilities is weakened. Anyone who walks without a cane should pick one up, and the person who used the two crutches re-uses the wheelchair.

Patients enrolled in “recommended sports” programs may find it difficult to resume their activities. The worst thing is that the precautionary policy and precautionary response, spread and overused, prevents the whole population from going out as much as they can. However, the danger does not move.

The practice of regular physical activity during infections, while respecting the restraining gestures, is without risk

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Regular physical activity is the first partner in maintaining physical, mental and social health. Its benefits on the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as …

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