Disney +: 5 Game Pictures to Discover on Stage – Cine News

Disney +: 5 Game Pictures to Discover on Stage - Cine News

The sports film is one of the highlights of Disney Studios, whose site offers 5 jewels of classic or modern genre. Find them without further delay.

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Recommended from 8 years old. These pictures are currently available Surely Disney +

McFarland, USA (athletics)

Kevin Costner returns to California as Jim White, track and field coach The champion in the 80s is a major Mexican sports team that has to overcome its social handicaps. The film is directed by Nikki Caro (Mulan), who highlights the Hispanic community and, like a Rocky, is a champion in the strength it takes. A lesson in hope.

Little Champions (hockey)

Gordon Bombay, a fake young lawyer, who was arrested at the wheel of his car while intoxicated, is convicted of serving the public interest: to train the mini ice hockey team in Minneapolis. The Les Petitz Champions have done a lot to introduce young audiences to this yet unknown game. The film runs at the intersection of two worlds: a man accustomed to winning everything in his work, always caring for a team he seems to have lost.

Hockey (also on the coaching side) is advised: Miracle with Kurt Russell, directed by Gavin O’Connor (Warrior).

Rasta Rocket (Bobslee)

Attention, classic comedy! Robsta Rocket is based on the true story of a group of Jamaicans who dream of winning a gold medal at Popsley. The most successful family comedy of all time at the Disney Live action movie, Rasta Rocket Denzel may have been led by Washington or Eddie Murphy, who both turned down the role offered. The film shows how to embark on an incredible adventure at the Olympics and win a prize when predicted to be crushed. A universal story that is a little old-fashioned. Good mood guaranteed!

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Defense (American football)

Describing the field’s last defensive castle, “Defense” is an American football season that applies to Rave, describing his position on the college team and how he took care of his 11-year-old younger brother. Ray seeks to avoid being held accountable by Fahmer Social Services, while ensuring that he can keep his scholarship essential to fund his presence at the university. Security is a lesson in courage, a message of hope and a moving story to discover without further delay.

A Ladybug Love (Motor Racing)

A racing driver is on the wrong slope and will no longer win any races. If he buys a Volkswagen beetle and realizes that it is made of autonomy and reason, he tries to compete with it. The face of Disney’s live films, actor Dean Jones brings this Ladybug Love, his little communicative comedy to this Ladybug Love, little chocolate. Car racing is well filmed and offers a particularly successful show, this one Great success au box office.

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