Antarctica: Earthquake shakes southern Chile | International

Antarctica: Earthquake shakes southern Chile |  International
Interpretation of the epicenter of the earthquake at the site of Chile in Antarctica.U.S. Geographical Service

A magnitude seven earthquake shook the region this Saturday night Chile Eduardo Free Site in Antarctica, The National Emergency Office (ONEMI) reported primarily. A 161-member delegation from southern Chile has been placed on alert for a tsunami alert.

The quake struck at 8:36 pm (local time), about 210 km east of the Eduardo Free site, in the middle of the sea where 80 people were evacuated. At the O’Higgins site, 40 people were evacuated, 10 people were evicted from the Fields, 31 people were evacuated from the Broad site, and 31 people were evacuated from the Pratt site. In addition, five more foreign sites in the region were evacuated, according to Chilean officials.

Chile’s National Emergency Office sent a false message to Chile’s mobile phones across the country urging them to evacuate coastal areas due to the tsunami alert. Authorities felt the defeat and the news broke that the news was only for those on the Chile site Antarctica.

An hour later, at 9:07 pm, another magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook the region, 14 kilometers east of the Farrellons, 36 kilometers from Santiago de Chile. Authorities say the latest quake is not related to the earthquake in Antarctica.

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