The far-right group Pride Boys and former Trump supporters are now mocking the former president in the news.

Les Proud Boys, groupe d'extrême droite et anciens partisans de Trump, se moquent désormais de l'ex-président dans des messages

In the days leading up to the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, some far-right groups loyal to Trump have begun to openly criticize him on the same social networks that produced the takeover. Attack on Capitol, less than a month ago. This is the position of those who present themselves as “proud boys” from a group born in the aftermath of Trump’s election in 2016. When they called their members to protest against the November 8, 2020 election “fraud was stolen from Mr. Trump”, the New York Times reports that they are now distancing themselves from their former statue, which was accessible to some telegrams.

The tone used to nominate the former president has changed drastically in recent days, with some calling him an “ally” and others “too weak”. The merit of clearly showing the dissatisfaction and frustration experienced by his former supporters who accused the courts of leaving his post “without much struggle” for not helping the actors in the ongoing storm. Proud boys are asking their supporters not to take part in any rally or demonstration for Trump or the Republican Party, which represents the American daily. On Wednesday, they welcomed the new president: “At least the new administration is honest about its intentions.”

This level change has taken place gradually, please analyze our colleagues. As they followed the decisions of various courts in the face of Trump’s appeals, the support of these men who call themselves “defenders of the West” waned.

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