Diane Chastro’s beautiful moment cycling with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Diane Chastro's beautiful moment cycling with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Javabos.com – Among the adaptations of the new way of life of Indonesians during epidemics, cycling is one of the top hobbies. The game, which can be played individually or in groups, is the choice of Diane Chastrovardo and her husband Mulana Indraguna to work together.

Fans of this activity will already know that the most convenient time for rotation is at dawn. Less than the best conditions for capturing moments with minimal light, especially when using a smartphone.

In response to this complaint, Samsung also offers the best experience for capturing epic moments for users in a variety of situations. With the latest technology embedded in the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Samsung is offering a device that supports the way users express themselves through their hobbies.

Diane Chastrovardoyo and Jodi Riders of the Velosunde Bicycle Community who rode the epic couple around Jakarta have improved the camera quality on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

This game activity, which has become a new option for the residents of the capital, is epicly documented using the pro-grade camera feature under low light conditions. So, even with low light now, you can still create epic content for your interest, easily with just one device.

The art worker, Diane Chastrovardoyo, said that in the midst of current conditions, many people are trying different ways to stay healthy and productive. He finally admitted that he tried different types of sports before he became interested in cycling.

She chose to ride a bike based on the fact that she likes outdoor activities with her husband. Of course, this is still necessary with strict health regulations.

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Diane also revealed the difficulties a cyclist faces, i.e. not much luggage. Then it is difficult to target the cycling moment because it is unstable, but with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G it can be surpassed.

“This ride moment can be epic with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, even in constantly moving and light-less situations. In my opinion, the quality of the smartphone camera can be seen when we shoot in low light conditions. With the enhanced bright night feature, taking content at dawn is even more epic, without the need to touch,” he said. He said in a statement written on Friday (22/1).

Armed with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G device, he began preparations and the epic couple ride at dawn with even more darkness in the sky. Featuring a 108MP white camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera and 10MP dual tele-lens, the Pro-grade camera feature in the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G series manages to capture riding moments with high quality results and sharp details.

The 108MP camera is equipped with the latest 12-bit RAW photo sensor, which produces 64x richer colors and a 3x dynamic range compared to previous series. Supports 12MP nona-pinning, combining nine pixels at a single pixel with twice as much light absorption, creating Sunday ride moments in low light conditions that can be clearly documented using the advanced bright night feature.

According to Selvia Kofer, Head of Information Technology and Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics, Indonesia, Samsung sees smartphones as the hub of all social activities, especially in this day and age. According to him, the best smartphones are equipped with technology that can better perform the functions of each owner.

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One of the needs of users is technology that can support them in creating stock-ready content, even if it is less than ideal conditions. Like the latest device in the Galaxy S series, it has an innovative Pro Grade camera that makes it easy for users to create EPIC content.

Diane Chastro and her husband use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to capture beautiful moments of cycling. (Samsung Document)

“Especially their new entertainment moment, of course they want to be immortal. With the support of various camera features enhanced based on hardware specifications and embedded AI (artificial intelligence) technology, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is a smartphone that is right for them,” he said.

Not only that, but various updated features on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera allow users to create increasingly epic visual results (photos and videos) with a single device. The Directors View feature makes the video look like a movie that easily determines the desired angle and can be changed even when shooting video.

What’s even more interesting is the Volker View feature for retrieving more informative content, because the camera takes pictures simultaneously while consumers take their surroundings like a real content creator, without having to bother turning over smartphones.

Dynamic movements such as the Peloton cycling activity with the sunrise background of the Diane and Velosunde community can capture the epic with a dynamic slow-mo feature that focuses more on interesting actions.

For other inspirations, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G can be paired with photos or the S Pen for content to add personal touch to videos, while Diane Sostrovardo often adds Diane’s signature doodling when sharing photos or videos. No less exciting, the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 5G users to capture epic moments in a single shot with Single Tag 2.0.

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For pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G starting January 14 to January 27, 2021, customers who wish to pre-order can visit www.galaxylaunchpack.com and the nearest Samsung Store or Samsung’s official e-commerce partner, Flipply, J.T. .id, Lazada, Shopee, Eraspace, Tokopedia, Dinomarket, Bukalapak, Akulaku, or Binneka.com with the following benefits:

Every consumer who pre-orders the Galaxy Galaxy S21 + 5G will receive bank cashback offers of up to Rs 1,000,000 for all purchases of Galaxy Butts Live and Samsung Care + i1 for one year.
Every consumer who pre-orders the Galaxy Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will get a Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Care + all purchases for 1 year and a bank refund up to ITR 1,000,000.

As a token of appreciation for consumer excitement, Samsung has extended the opportunity to upgrade to free memory for pre-orders of the Galaxy S21 + 5G or Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G until January 27, 2020.

All pre-orders will receive the Galaxy Smart Tag instantly. With the Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Locator, consumers can track everything important. They can attach it to keys, bags, pets or anything else they want to track. Please visit www.samsung.com/id Learn more.

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