“A New Chapter”, “The Return of America”: International Press Praises the Success of Democracy in the United States

"Un nouveau chapitre", "le retour de l'Amérique": la presse internationale salue le triomphe de la démocratie aux Etats-Unis

It’s over. Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States during his inauguration Wednesday in Capitol Hill. A ceremony marked by his speech on the unity of the American nation, following the presidency of Donald Trump, who divided the country more than ever.

The American and world press have hailed the return of democracy to the United States and are watching the early days of Biden’s tenure. Newspaper.

USA Today, Wednesday sees the ceremony as a “historic and hopeful day” vowed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. “Democracy has won. Biden promises to fix the nation, “Headlines New York Times, Capitol returns to the speech of the pre-elected president.

Similarly Washington Post, “The Path to Unity,” Joe Biden Will Take Back “Four turbulent years that tore the fabric of American society“.” The newspaper points to the presidency, which begins in the middle of a “layer of crisis”: economic, social and health.

A new chapterTo CNN, Biden’s election happy “It puts the United States back on the world map after the chaotic foreign policy of its predecessorsWhen the United States returned to the Paris climate agreement or stopped building the wall at the border, Joe Biden rushed to join the Oval Office to sign a series of orders. Mexican. “Biden’s signatures sent a signal around the world that the United States and its allies had known each other for decades and had returned.“CNN writes.

The story is the same in Europe: Biden’s desire to unite marks the return of democracy, but the new president will face major challenges, such as a health, political and economic crisis.

“Democracy wins” for Britain Defender. From “time to unity” to his colleague Times. In Germany, Picture Title “Return of America”.

On the French side, Le Figaro Dedicated to “Joe Biden’s Dream of Unity” dn A country “plunged deeply politically into a deep health crisis, half of which did not recognize the legitimacy of its election.”. “America is changing its mind” Release, Which underscores the desire to break with the new US president’s predecessor.

Spanish Country “Joe Biden promises to unite the United States,” but highlights the challenges he faces daily.

In Belgium, too, many newspapers hailed the victory of democracy In the evening And Free, The title of Joe Biden’s words in its day’s editionDemocracy is precious and fragile, but it has won“Joe Biden seems to be coming to a better presidency, but although the task is not easy for him, we can read in his editorial.

With our Flemish neighbors, Standard Piton’s recommendation was “a friendly country targeting comets from the initial blocks”. In his editorial, morning Welcomes the return of the United States to the international scene.

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