“Eviction of London since 1939”: The restructuring order creates a major exodus

"Eviction of London since 1939": The restructuring order creates a major exodus

The people of London took the Prime Minister’s announcement to reconsider the Christmas break as an incentive to leave the British capital, and many left the city. At the same time, the Netherlands suspends flights from the UK.

“Congratulations to the Prime Minister and your experts,” Brexit leader Nigel Farage joked on Twitter on Saturday. “You were responsible for the first expulsion of London after 1939.”

The concept of British sovereignty responds to the tightening of health restrictions in London.

New activities

New restrictions have been introduced in London and many parts of the southeastern UK. Capital will be reduced from Level 3 to Level 4 controls.

Under the new measures, residents of the affected areas will have to stay at home and close with non-essential businesses, gyms and hairdressers. These restrictions will take effect on December 20 and will last for at least two weeks. They will be revised on December 30th.

An exit from the capital

Videos posted on social media show a large number of crowds at stations to avoid restrictions. Earlier in the day, Boris Johnson said people living in Zone 4 – including London, Southeast and Peterborough – could no longer communicate with anyone outside their own homes, thus canceling Family Christmas.

The announcement of a renovation in London at midnight on Saturday gave residents only about eight hours to find a way out of the city. A crowd of passengers trying to leave the capital was seen on Twitter, including long people waiting to board a train from St Bancros station to Leeds.

The Netherlands stopped flights from the UK

The Netherlands announced the suspension of flights from the UK at 5am local time this Sunday.

The report, released overnight from Saturday to Sunday, said the move would be in effect until at least January 1, and that additional restrictions could be determined depending on progress.

The government has also issued a note advising Dutch people not to “travel” in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the AFP, Germany is “seriously” considering suspending flights from Great Britain and South Africa.

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