By changing its anthem, will Australia be more inclusive?

By changing its anthem, will Australia be more inclusive?

1There is In January, the word “young” was changed to “unity.”Advance Australia Fair. An approach aimed at recognizing the different waves of continental migration. But that is often not enough in the eyes of some.

YesReconciliation is underway

Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney

2020 has tested Australians for decades. We started the year in the smoke of the island that devastated our lands, we fought against floods and droughts, and we continue to experience a global epidemic that has claimed the lives of loved ones who have challenged our way of life, which has caused unparalleled destruction in the economy.

So today we must take a step forward to recognize the strength of unity. Our national anthem pays homage to the nation we all form together. But it must recognize the reality of our Native, British and multicultural history. This song is a call to build a united, determined, strong and better Australia.

A change “on a large scale”

In 2020, I expressed my support for changing this plan “We are young and free” Issued by “Together we are free” In our song: I think the opinion of young people prevents many Australians from recognizing themselves in our national anthem.

The change announced by our Prime Minister is small in nature, of course, but large. He says the cultures of the aborigines and the inhabitants of the Torres Strait have been around for sixty thousand years. Let those who crossed the seas two hundred and fifty years ago or thereafter be a part of our country and our history like other Australians.

Moreover, this change ensures that our future depends on our solidarity: the solidarity of Australian citizens with each other and our solidarity with our history – with the good and bad sides of this history. Never before has a single word captured the uniqueness of Australian history so well, it is a rich history; We worked for our reconciliation beyond our differences and put forward our common issues. This story is sometimes painful. Some more than others. The journey is hard and will continue.

Australian dream

Changing the national anthem is a surefire way to ensure our reconciliation. I have believed in it for a long time. This change reflects the fact that we are still united today


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