Nate Pearson is excited about Jayas’ future

Nate Pearson is excited about Jayas' future

Nate Pearson was playing his first season at the Majors last year. If we forget the wounds, his baptism was very neatly done, ending the year with a record of victory, with no loss in four defeats starting with Jayce.

The latter differs by the strength of his hand. This probably makes him dangerous on the mat, and since his training is 24 years old he can be trusted for a very long time.

So he joins a team full of very young, talented and talented players. Obviously, the likes of Bo Pichet, Vlad Guerrero Jr., Cavan Piccio and the company will be the big stars of this club in the future.

They already are, really.

But, as I said before, they are all still young and they are not ready to fully dominate the MLP tomorrow morning.

The interesting thing about all of this is that in a few years the club will be very scary. That’s Pearson’s opinion, and he seems to be very excited about what the future holds for the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

However, in his opinion, one small thing is missing, here I am talking about experience.

During this interview with members of the MLP network, Pearson spoke accurately about the power of his hand. The secret for him: to train well, eat well and trust the process.

Trust the process because he puts it so well.

Pearson and Jays will increase their pace by finishing next season with a successful record, which they were able to do in 2020 (32-28).

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I can not wait to see how the youngsters will grow and, above all, how the club will emerge at the start of the season. Must proceed with enthusiasm!

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